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Beauty and The Beast


I fell in love with this re-make of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. I know there will be some people who do not like this film and have their own critiques of it but I felt like I was re-living my childhood all over again.

The film is pretty much exactly the same as the original cartoon, Belle is sick of living in her little village in France and wants more from the world, she is deemed “odd” from the other villagers because she can read and is very smart. Her father leaves to sell some of his homemade antiques, however stumbles across problems and ends up at The Beasts house. His horse goes back to Belle and she knows something is wrong, asking the horse to take her to her father. She ends up switching places with her father and is held captive at The Beasts castle. The furniture that talks is played by famous actors and makes Belle feel welcome. And the rest.. you’ll just have to watch it to see!

There is a lot of comedy in this film as well, which makes it fun to watch, and light-hearted. The famous ballroom dance between Belle and The Beast was just amazing and I found myself smiling throughout. The yellow dress was perfection as was everything about that scene.

I think Emma Watson played Belle wonderfully, her expressions were perfect, and I think she really nailed the character. The cursed furniture were played by some of British bests: Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts, Ewan McGregor as Lumiére and Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, with many more. These characters bring the comedy into the film, and when they return to human form it is fun to see the famous actors.

The Beast, played by Dan Stevens, was cast well also. You start by hating the Beast but by the end you definitely love him! He has some humour too which makes the film light-hearted.

Luke Evans plays Gaston, and I don’t think this could have been cast with anyone else. He completely fits the role, he is so arrogant and sly and horrible. His side-kick LeFou played by Josh Gad (Olaf from Frozen!) is also played very well. He follows Gaston around and keeps trying to please him, even when he knows he is in the wrong. I could not get Olaf out of my head when he was singing though, so beware!

The music is beautiful, just like the original, so you’ll probably be dancing and singing along. The CGI, filming and sets are also incredible and has done the film justice.

Overall, I think this film is a must-watch, and I will definitely be watching it again and again. 5/5!

Director: Bill Condon

Stars: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans

Year: 2017


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Hidden Figures


Ok so this film is not a conventional ‘girly girl’ film. However, if you want to feel empowered as a woman this is most definitely a great movie to watch. Set in the 1960’s this film does not only highlight the gender inequalities but also the segregation rules at that time.

This film is based on a true story, which makes the film even more powerful. It follows three African-American women who are all ‘computers’ at NASA. They are all exceptionally clever with scientific and mathematical skills. When Katherine and Mary get assigned new roles they struggle, because they are black women in a sea of white men. Dorothy is doing the job of a supervisor however is not allowed to be given a supervisor role because of her race. It highlights harsh realities of what happened back in the sixties.

The ladies have to overcome a lot of difficulties that face them, Katherine is not allowed to view a lot of documents as they are ‘classified’ this makes her job hard, nevertheless she continues to do the job. She is also not allowed to go into certain meetings, which she manages to argue and get her way, proving herself in the meeting. There is a scene where Katherine loses her temper in front of her whole team to her boss because of the way she is treated. One thing I also noticed was in one scene Katherine’s boss Al says “Thank you gentlemen” completely disregarding the fact that the main brains behind everything was Katherine.

Mary wants an engineer job, however the job requirements means she has to get a qualification from a school that is white people only. She ends up getting a court date to appeal to go to this school, she is successful but on the condition she takes night classes, this is on top of her usual job. She is the first black woman to attend a all white school, and ends up being the first female engineer.

Dorothy continues to push and push to become a supervisor, she reads up to learn new skills that only her and her women can do. I think the main thing behind this film is that these real life women had so much going on in their life. They were treated badly, because of their race and gender. This didn’t stop them at all, they kept going, and pushing their rights, on top of working full time.

These three women are such an inspiration to all women today. We as females have to remember that we CAN do ANYTHING. We can do whatever a man can do, and we can do it better! I definitely felt empowered after watching this movie, and I really recommend it to anyone that needs a boost.

I would rate this film a 4/5!

Director: Theodore Melfi

Stars: Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae

Year: 2016


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La La Land


Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone shine bright in this magical musical…

In the city where dreams are made, pursued and achieved La La Land captures a magnificent love story. Set in modern day Los Angeles Damien Chazelle creates a masterpiece. Emma Stone plays the witty, aspiring actress Mia along with Ryan Gosling who plays the charming, jazz musician Seb.

This musical romcom begins with a traffic jam leading up to LA (ironic) the first musical number then breaks out, “Another Day of Sun”. This sets up the film beautifully, a light-hearted song and dance to get the audience hooked. Mia is too busy reciting her audition lines to realise the traffic has started to move, causing Seb to honk and overtake, whilst receiving the finger from Mia, this is their meet cute.

Their second meeting happens when Mia hears Seb playing the piano from outside a restaurant, she walks in to find him passionately playing, followed by getting fired. She tries to compliment him, however he rudely pushes past her, as if she isn’t there.

They then meet a third time, this time Seb is playing in an 80s inspired boy band. Mia requests the song “I Ran”, this is when Seb recognises her. After the party, they have their first duet with a magical view of LA behind them.

The love story continues throughout all four seasons, where we see the characters grow. Both characters encourage the other to pursue their dreams, with Mia performing in a one woman show. Their lives then start to take different paths.

Emma captures the audience with her huge eyes and not-so-perfect singing voice which fits the role of Mia to a tee. Emma shows the audience her ability to act various characters through the numerous auditions Mia has. Ryan uses his intense facial expressions and dreamy smile (“hey girl”) to make Seb a loved character. His charm and humour is played wonderfully. Ryan and Emma have an on-screen connection that is perfect, just like in Crazy Stupid Love.

The Musical aspect from La La Land is not too overwhelming like from a traditional musical, instead the songs and dances are perfectly timed into the storyline.

La La Land is a heart-warming, happy film that makes you want to follow your dreams. I would definitely recommend this film! 5/5!

Director: Damien Chazelle

Stars: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Rosemarie DeWitt

Year: 2016


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Bridget Jones’s Baby


Bridget is back in this classic British film.

The third film in it’s franchise is here, and honestly I think it’s my favourite one! The good old Bridget is back, and again facing a massive dilemma after she sleeps with two men, one being a random man Jack and the other being her old love Mark Darcy. But the big question remains throughout the whole film: Who is the daddy?

The films starts with Bridget on her own (again) for her birthday, in the same flat as before. All By Myself is on the radio, and it could be the start to the first movie, a metaphor that she hasn’t moved on with her life.

Bridget is the same as ever, there’s the same shot of her walking across the bridge in London, she does ridiculous but hilarious things. However, it is nice to see that she has gone up in her job. One issue she has is that her group of friends, Shazza, Jude and Tom have all grown up and have families which leaves Bridget behind a bit. Her colleague Miranda, a young, party person gets Bridget to go to a festival with her, this is where we see British star Ed Sheeran. There are a lot of laughs in this scene after she falls in mud (Jack comes to her rescue), loses her friend and ends up in the wrong Yurt, which happens to be Jacks’, and you can guess what happens next.

She is then at a christening and gets very drunk (again), this time its Mark Darcy that is there with her (OH BRIDGET), you can see how she gets into this dilemma. The first problem she has is that she has no idea who this Jack guy is, until Miranda sees him on the TV as a ‘love doctor’. They invite him onto her news show and thats how they meet again. The story then follows her pregnancy and the battle between the two potential dads. She is stuck in a dilemma that makes you feel sorry for her, but at the same time is hilarious, because of course this happens to Bridget.

Another big British star in this film is Emma Thompson, who plays Dr Rawlings, Bridgets’ doctor. This character is hilarious and has to help Bridget out, as she has no idea who the dad is. Bridgets’ mum and dad are hilarious as always, with the mum being totally against anything not conservative, but coming around. And her dad being a stereotypical British dad.

There is a lot classic British wit in this film that makes you laugh from start to finish. I don’t want to give away the ending as it is a fairly new film, however, Bridget ends up happy, and I guess after 3 films thats the main thing! I also think the film is left open for a 4th film… here’s hoping!!

I would 100% recommend this film, watch it with your girls and laugh for 123 minutes straight. 4/5!

Director: Sharon Maguire

Stars: Renée Zellweger, Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent

Year: 2016