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Me Before You


A young woman, Lou Clark, is about to lose her job and does not know what to do but what she doesn’t know is that what is coming will keep her sane. Will Traynor, a young man living his normal lifestyle till one day, he got in a huge motorcycle accident which paralysed him and took his desire to live. What they both do not know is that, Lou will walk into Will’s life and change his whole world around.

I got recommend this film from the girls and just had to watch it straight away. I am so glad I listened to them because this is a wonderful film. A sad yet romantic storyline that had me in tears, laughing and happy all at the same time throughout the film. I have not even read the book yet, but I just want to read the book after watching this film. The films are never as detailed as the books, however, this film is so bittersweet that it will leave you happy and sad at the same time. It had such a beautiful storyline and I love the relationship between the two characters Lou and Will. When you watch the film, you really buy into their chemistry and affection for each other.

This is one of the best romantic films I’ve seen. I loved watching the relationship and bond grow between Lou and Will. There are so many touching moments that will make you want to cry with either happiness or sadness. You go through a whole range of emotions when watching this film.

If you are into and want to watch a proper romantic film then this is the one for you. Just be warned that there may be tears so grab yourself a box of tissues and some chocolates! Make sure you have a shoulder to cry on, grab the girls if needed, I would definitely recommend this film!

Director: Thea Shamrock

Casts: Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Janet McTeer…

Year: 2016




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