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Beauty and The Beast


I fell in love with this re-make of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. I know there will be some people who do not like this film and have their own critiques of it but I felt like I was re-living my childhood all over again.

The film is pretty much exactly the same as the original cartoon, Belle is sick of living in her little village in France and wants more from the world, she is deemed “odd” from the other villagers because she can read and is very smart. Her father leaves to sell some of his homemade antiques, however stumbles across problems and ends up at The Beasts house. His horse goes back to Belle and she knows something is wrong, asking the horse to take her to her father. She ends up switching places with her father and is held captive at The Beasts castle. The furniture that talks is played by famous actors and makes Belle feel welcome. And the rest.. you’ll just have to watch it to see!

There is a lot of comedy in this film as well, which makes it fun to watch, and light-hearted. The famous ballroom dance between Belle and The Beast was just amazing and I found myself smiling throughout. The yellow dress was perfection as was everything about that scene.

I think Emma Watson played Belle wonderfully, her expressions were perfect, and I think she really nailed the character. The cursed furniture were played by some of British bests: Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts, Ewan McGregor as Lumiére and Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, with many more. These characters bring the comedy into the film, and when they return to human form it is fun to see the famous actors.

The Beast, played by Dan Stevens, was cast well also. You start by hating the Beast but by the end you definitely love him! He has some humour too which makes the film light-hearted.

Luke Evans plays Gaston, and I don’t think this could have been cast with anyone else. He completely fits the role, he is so arrogant and sly and horrible. His side-kick LeFou played by Josh Gad (Olaf from Frozen!) is also played very well. He follows Gaston around and keeps trying to please him, even when he knows he is in the wrong. I could not get Olaf out of my head when he was singing though, so beware!

The music is beautiful, just like the original, so you’ll probably be dancing and singing along. The CGI, filming and sets are also incredible and has done the film justice.

Overall, I think this film is a must-watch, and I will definitely be watching it again and again. 5/5!

Director: Bill Condon

Stars: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans

Year: 2017




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