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La La Land


Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone shine bright in this magical musical…

In the city where dreams are made, pursued and achieved La La Land captures a magnificent love story. Set in modern day Los Angeles Damien Chazelle creates a masterpiece. Emma Stone plays the witty, aspiring actress Mia along with Ryan Gosling who plays the charming, jazz musician Seb.

This musical romcom begins with a traffic jam leading up to LA (ironic) the first musical number then breaks out, “Another Day of Sun”. This sets up the film beautifully, a light-hearted song and dance to get the audience hooked. Mia is too busy reciting her audition lines to realise the traffic has started to move, causing Seb to honk and overtake, whilst receiving the finger from Mia, this is their meet cute.

Their second meeting happens when Mia hears Seb playing the piano from outside a restaurant, she walks in to find him passionately playing, followed by getting fired. She tries to compliment him, however he rudely pushes past her, as if she isn’t there.

They then meet a third time, this time Seb is playing in an 80s inspired boy band. Mia requests the song “I Ran”, this is when Seb recognises her. After the party, they have their first duet with a magical view of LA behind them.

The love story continues throughout all four seasons, where we see the characters grow. Both characters encourage the other to pursue their dreams, with Mia performing in a one woman show. Their lives then start to take different paths.

Emma captures the audience with her huge eyes and not-so-perfect singing voice which fits the role of Mia to a tee. Emma shows the audience her ability to act various characters through the numerous auditions Mia has. Ryan uses his intense facial expressions and dreamy smile (“hey girl”) to make Seb a loved character. His charm and humour is played wonderfully. Ryan and Emma have an on-screen connection that is perfect, just like in Crazy Stupid Love.

The Musical aspect from La La Land is not too overwhelming like from a traditional musical, instead the songs and dances are perfectly timed into the storyline.

La La Land is a heart-warming, happy film that makes you want to follow your dreams. I would definitely recommend this film! 5/5!

Director: Damien Chazelle

Stars: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Rosemarie DeWitt

Year: 2016




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