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Hidden Figures


Ok so this film is not a conventional ‘girly girl’ film. However, if you want to feel empowered as a woman this is most definitely a great movie to watch. Set in the 1960’s this film does not only highlight the gender inequalities but also the segregation rules at that time.

This film is based on a true story, which makes the film even more powerful. It follows three African-American women who are all ‘computers’ at NASA. They are all exceptionally clever with scientific and mathematical skills. When Katherine and Mary get assigned new roles they struggle, because they are black women in a sea of white men. Dorothy is doing the job of a supervisor however is not allowed to be given a supervisor role because of her race. It highlights harsh realities of what happened back in the sixties.

The ladies have to overcome a lot of difficulties that face them, Katherine is not allowed to view a lot of documents as they are ‘classified’ this makes her job hard, nevertheless she continues to do the job. She is also not allowed to go into certain meetings, which she manages to argue and get her way, proving herself in the meeting. There is a scene where Katherine loses her temper in front of her whole team to her boss because of the way she is treated. One thing I also noticed was in one scene Katherine’s boss Al says “Thank you gentlemen” completely disregarding the fact that the main brains behind everything was Katherine.

Mary wants an engineer job, however the job requirements means she has to get a qualification from a school that is white people only. She ends up getting a court date to appeal to go to this school, she is successful but on the condition she takes night classes, this is on top of her usual job. She is the first black woman to attend a all white school, and ends up being the first female engineer.

Dorothy continues to push and push to become a supervisor, she reads up to learn new skills that only her and her women can do. I think the main thing behind this film is that these real life women had so much going on in their life. They were treated badly, because of their race and gender. This didn’t stop them at all, they kept going, and pushing their rights, on top of working full time.

These three women are such an inspiration to all women today. We as females have to remember that we CAN do ANYTHING. We can do whatever a man can do, and we can do it better! I definitely felt empowered after watching this movie, and I really recommend it to anyone that needs a boost.

I would rate this film a 4/5!

Director: Theodore Melfi

Stars: Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae

Year: 2016




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