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Bridget Jones’s Baby


Bridget is back in this classic British film.

The third film in it’s franchise is here, and honestly I think it’s my favourite one! The good old Bridget is back, and again facing a massive dilemma after she sleeps with two men, one being a random man Jack and the other being her old love Mark Darcy. But the big question remains throughout the whole film: Who is the daddy?

The films starts with Bridget on her own (again) for her birthday, in the same flat as before. All By Myself is on the radio, and it could be the start to the first movie, a metaphor that she hasn’t moved on with her life.

Bridget is the same as ever, there’s the same shot of her walking across the bridge in London, she does ridiculous but hilarious things. However, it is nice to see that she has gone up in her job. One issue she has is that her group of friends, Shazza, Jude and Tom have all grown up and have families which leaves Bridget behind a bit. Her colleague Miranda, a young, party person gets Bridget to go to a festival with her, this is where we see British star Ed Sheeran. There are a lot of laughs in this scene after she falls in mud (Jack comes to her rescue), loses her friend and ends up in the wrong Yurt, which happens to be Jacks’, and you can guess what happens next.

She is then at a christening and gets very drunk (again), this time its Mark Darcy that is there with her (OH BRIDGET), you can see how she gets into this dilemma. The first problem she has is that she has no idea who this Jack guy is, until Miranda sees him on the TV as a ‘love doctor’. They invite him onto her news show and thats how they meet again. The story then follows her pregnancy and the battle between the two potential dads. She is stuck in a dilemma that makes you feel sorry for her, but at the same time is hilarious, because of course this happens to Bridget.

Another big British star in this film is Emma Thompson, who plays Dr Rawlings, Bridgets’ doctor. This character is hilarious and has to help Bridget out, as she has no idea who the dad is. Bridgets’ mum and dad are hilarious as always, with the mum being totally against anything not conservative, but coming around. And her dad being a stereotypical British dad.

There is a lot classic British wit in this film that makes you laugh from start to finish. I don’t want to give away the ending as it is a fairly new film, however, Bridget ends up happy, and I guess after 3 films thats the main thing! I also think the film is left open for a 4th film… here’s hoping!!

I would 100% recommend this film, watch it with your girls and laugh for 123 minutes straight. 4/5!

Director: Sharon Maguire

Stars: Renée Zellweger, Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent

Year: 2016



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