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Once Upon A Time


To ensure none of the fairytale characters had their “happy ever afters”, the Evil Queen cast a curse on the whole realm and trapping them in a small made-up town called Storybrook, where time stands still. A land filled with characters that have no memories and no real hope and where the Evil Queen is in control. However,a young woman named Emma Swan is told she was to save the fairytale kingdom from this curse before she was even born.

If you are a fan of disney and fairytale stories then you must absolutely watch this. ‘Once Upon A Time’ manages to create this story behind every character and link them all in some way which makes it so much more interesting. It seems to work really well which is what made me hooked in the first place as you want to see the story behind these characters, how they know each other and what’s happened. The episodes consist of ‘the present day’ and many flashback scenes to what had happened in the past and lost memories of the characters back in ‘the enchanted forest’.

This is unlike any of the fantasy films that you may have watch before such as Twilight or Harry Potter. It really captures the essence of the fairytale side of things but definitely with a modern twist to where their trapped in this ordinary land outside of the enchanted forest. It is quite refreshing to see the back stories of the villains in this TV show which you’re immediately drawn into this feeling of sympathy for some of them as they were never always ‘villains’, especially the evil queen. This isn’t something that many films or TV shows have ever done as villains are usually just portrayed as bad people.

These series are so mind blowing. The storylines have been well thought out and the characters are amazing. You will never see anything that is like this out there. You will instantly be hooked from the first episode, and their still making new episodes to this day!

Creator: Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis

Cast: Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parilla, Jared Gilmore…

Year: 2011 – Current





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