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The Princess Diaries: (2001)

So firstly, I just wanted to say welcome to the Classics page! On this page, you will all probably know the films (if you don’t, where have you been living?!) so this is just a little recap of the all-time favourite films and why you NEED to watch them again.

To start off with… The Princess Diaries: (2001)

This film is just a lot of fun to watch over and over again. It never gets old!



It is about a girl, who isn’t that popular, has about one true friend, and lives a normal life in San Francisco. She is really shy, often wishes to be invisible and has a very big crush on Josh!

One day, she’s told to meet up with her grandma that she hasn’t seen in a long time! This is her dads mother (her dad passed away when she was a little younger.) She agrees to meet up with her, and all goes well, slightly awkward but well, until her grandma drops the P word. Princess. Mia (Anne Hathaway) is the princess and heir to the Genovian throne. This completely shocks her and she runs home to confront her mother about why she kept this a secret for so long. Turns out she was going to be told when she was 18, but her fathers death forced it to come out. Being the shy girl, she doesn’t want to become a princess at first.

Obviously Mia’s life gets turned upside down as she starts to take role. This means new look, new lifestyle, new way of dressing, a bodyguard etc. However with all of this happening, she is adamant that nobody at her school knows. But with all of the differences happening in her life, people are bound to hear the news! Her hairdresser (Paolo) spills the truth to the news and it becomes the talking point at her high school, much to Mia’s dislike. She only had told her friend (Lily), however, it becomes apparent that Lily didn’t talk but Paolo did!

Everybody at school looks at her differently as she becomes royalty, and all of the things that she was seen as, unpopular, boring, disappear, in turn, making Mia a different person. Her life changes as she is told that she must go to princess learning lessons in order to act and think like a princess. Every day, after school.  

With all of this happening in Mia’s life, how do her friends and family react to it all? And how does Mia react with all of the pressure in her life? The girl that wanted to be invisible to becoming the focus point of many people around her. Always in the spotlight!

This film is such a wonderfully thought out movie and is perfect for a night in! It is such a classic, and so popular! The themes that are dealt within the film are really touching and have a lot of meaning behind. I definitely rate this movie a 5/5.

Director: Garry Marshall

Stars: Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, Hector Elizondo

Year: 2001





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