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The Holiday: (2006)



The Holiday is a very relatable film. It is a go-to film to watch whenever really. It is THAT good! It is about two women, one in London and one in Los Angeles who both have REALLY bad boy trouble. Iris (Kate Winslet)  who has just found out that the man that she has forever been in love with is getting engaged, and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) who has found out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, both need an escape, and fast! Both are looking online for a way out, and they find their perfect solution!

Luckily, home exchange is available, and that is what both women do, spontaneously, for over the Christmas holidays! They meet online and start talking about where they live, and about the boys in their area. Iris lives in a little cottage in Surrey, whilst Amanda lives in a luxury home in Los Angeles. Both going to places which are very different to one another’s lives. But this makes excellent viewing as we truly see the way two completely different types of people live in each other’s worlds. Not knowing anybody, or where anything is, what do the girls do? The Holiday is jam packed with lots of fun scenes, making your night of watching exceedingly enjoyable.

Both girls meet someone new whilst being away, and funnily enough, both of the boys that they meet are somehow connected to the girls. The man that Iris meets is Amanda’s friend, and the man that Amanda meets is Iris’s brother! What a coincidence, hey! With Amanda threatening to leave and go back to Los Angeles as she doesn’t fit in the Surrey lifestyle, there is one man holding her back…

This film is full packed with lots of laughs, romance, tears and much more. We see loads of adventurous activity happening between the two women and realise that even though they live two very different lives, they are ultimately the same, just two girls looking for love!

This has been a classic for me for a long time, and is a must watch! I highly recommend watching this film as it is one of those cosy classics where you watch with some popcorn and a hot drink! I rate this film a 4/4.

Director: Nancy Meyers

Stars: Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law

Year: 2006



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