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Raise your Voice: (2004)



Okay, so it can’t be all girly without having at least one teary movie! Get your tissues ready when watching this one because it really is a sad film, but also has happiness within it too! (So not all depressing!) Raise your voice is a film about a young girl who wants to pursue her passion for music. However, when she gets the chance to follow her dreams, it means moving all the way to Los Angeles for the summer. With everybody rooting her on, especially her brother, the only person who doesn’t allow it is her father, as he thinks Los Angeles will change her as a person.

This is the biggest barrier that Terri (Hilary Duff) has, however, with everybody acknowledging that her dad won’t allow her to leave, her brother is the only person who believes that she should go and that she WILL GO. Paul sees the potential that Terri has and doesn’t want her talent to go to waste.

Terri and her brother (Paul) sneak out to go to a concert, (present from Terri to Paul for his graduation) after having a row with their parents about letting Terri go to Los Angeles. Coming back from the concert, the pair are involved in an awful car crash which results in Paul passing away.

This turns all of their lives upside down. More secrets, more heartache and more opportunities. What will happen next? Will Terri go to Los Angeles against her father’s will? How will she deal with recent events? Find out and watch it!! If for some of you it is again, watch it AGAIN! Because even though this film may be one that not as many people have seen, it is still a classic and it is one of the best! This is one of my all-time favourite films and I rate it a 5/5.

Director: Sean McNamara

Stars: Hilary Duff, John Corbett, Rebecca De Mornay

Year: 2004



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