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Mean Girls: (2004)



I will hands down swear that every girl in the planet has watched it. It is one of those movies that every girl has to have watched. Mean Girls has the conventional story line of high school girls who bully the new ‘weird’ girl. It is a cruel and sharply observed movie! Cady (Lindsay Lohan) has started a new school, moving from the African bush country and finds herself in the middle of two friendship groups. (I will try not to reveal any spoilers for the people who haven’t watched it, and yes, I know it’s strange that they haven’t!).

Anyway, these two groups of friends are called “The Artist Freaks” and “The Plastics”. Cady’s friendship with the Artist Freaks is genuine, whereas with the Plastics, as stated in the name of the friendship group, is plastic, fake etc. Her role in being a “friend” is merely to end the devious plan that the Plastics have towards every other kid in the school. In the process of Cady doing this, everything that is wrong within high school friendships come at her one by one, and she is caught up in a lot of turmoil by the end of it. Relationship problems, school problems, family problems. The Lot! It strongly focuses on the high school torment of girls who are classic bullies and has a character that at least every girl can relate to.

The problems that are dealt within Mean Girls are over exaggerated and are not common in your average school, but that’s what makes it so fun to watch, as they aren’t problems of the everyday norm. It shows the viewers how to deal with certain situations that are relatively common (but not as exaggerated) in schools.

All in all, this film is an absolute favourite from girls all over the world! Whichever country, and language this film has to be in your top 10 favs! Girls still to this day quote this movie on the daily. I rate this film a 4/5!

Director: Mark Waters

Stars: Lindsay Lohan, Jonathan Bennett, Rachel McAdams

Year: 2004






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