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Pretty Little Liars


When a girl is mysteriously murdered in a small town, four ex best friends are brought back together through these anonymous texts by a person going by the name ‘A’ threatening to spill their deepest darkest secrets. At first thought, you may think these secrets can’t be that big for four high school girls, but these aren’t any ordinary girls. Shoplifting, betraying friends and family, lesbian interests, dating a teacher and withholding knowledge of affairs that happen are only the beginning of what happens in Rosewood.

This isn’t like any ordinary teen drama shows that you see on TV. It has that hint of thrill where these girls are being taunted by this anonymous person and there is no escape. This TV show shows strong female leads as it is less about the relationships these girls have or don’t have but more about the bond between the girls themselves.

I had started watching this show when a friend recommended it to me as I had nothing to watch and I was immediately hooked. I am not a fan of anything scary but this show is so addictive. ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is unbelievable through-provoking, therefore ideas and theories are going to start popping up throughout the show. Something new and exciting happens in every episode. The characters themselves, have been developed incredibly; as you start to watch the episodes, the girls start to bring out this vulnerable side to them and you start to see that they have just been misunderstood and a little lost.

This is a great series to watch alone or with friends, you will ever get bored of an episode. Because you constantly want to find out with this ‘A’ is, it gives you something interesting to talk about with your friends when you see them and it’ll definitely make you want to watch more.

Creator: Marlene King

Cast: Troian Ballisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchel…

Year: 2010 – 2017

Check out the trailer for season one below!


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